P. L. Riven is an American urban fantasy author, historian, freelancer, and content creator, writing everything from flash fiction and inspirational books to full-length novels and a published master’s thesis on Henry IV of England. As a professional writer and fervent scholar, P. L. has devoted more than a decade to studying, reading, writing, and breathing all things fiction.

As a child, she discovered her passion for reading and storytelling, often leaving the library after maxing out the permitted number of books, only to return later in the week hungry to check out more. At 18 years old, she wrote her first novel, The Court of Duplicity, a soapy Austenesque inspired Georgian romp. Her contemporary influences are Neil Gaiman, V. E. Schwab, Jim Butcher, Benedict Jacka, and RPG video games.

P. L. credits her father, an avid fantasy and sci-fi reader, with fostering her passion for transporting audiences to dynamic secondary worlds filled with vivid characters inspired by mythology, religion, and supernatural lore.

A macabre fantasy, “Reap What You Sew” was published in, and featured on the cover of, Killer Nashville Magazine (Dec. 2023). Another of her short pieces received First Place at NYC Midnight’s Flash Fiction Challenge. She has been spotlighted on podcasts and YouTube shows including Word Improv, Tales from the Wandering Scribe, and The Star Chamber Show. She has been a panelist at conferences such as Killer Nashville and helmed a workshop at the Imaginarium convention. 

She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two children.